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#include <skill-obj.hpp>

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Detailed Description

The skillObj class defines a way of handling an unexpurgiated list of skills taken primarily from the MegaTraveller Player's Manual as published by GDW.

As more skills are found in other volumes they will get added as well.

In the constructor cascade skills are handled and resolved.

Definition at line 41 of file skill-obj.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 skillObj (personObj *p, int ix, int l)
 skillObj (personObj *p, int ix)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

skillObj::skillObj ( personObj p,
int  ix,
int  l 


p -- pointer to the personObj that the skill is being assigned to.
ix -- Integer index into the un-expurgiated list of skills
l -- level increment to set the skill to.

Resolve any cascade skills we have happening here which of course may modify the results of calling the super object's constructor.

Definition at line 218 of file skill-obj.cpp.

Referenced by skillObj().

00218                                             : skillEntry(skillTable[ix],l){
00224         switch(ix){
00225                 case ACADEMIC:
00226                         this->AcademicCascade(p);
00227                         break;
00228                 case BLADE_COMBAT:
00229                         this->BladeCombatCascade();
00230                         break;
00231                 case GUN_COMBAT:
00232                         this->GunCombatCascade();
00233                         break;
00234                 case SCIENCE:
00235                         this->ScienceCascade();
00236                         break;
00237                 case ANIMAL_HANDLING:
00238                         this->AnimalHandlingCascade();
00239                         break;
00240                 case ARCHAIC_WEAPONS:
00241                         this->ArchaicWeaponCascade();
00242                         break;
00244                 default: 
00245                         break;
00246         };
00248 }

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skillObj::skillObj ( personObj p,
int  ix 

Alternate constructor. In this case the constructor defined above is invoked with a "1" passed as the increment.

Definition at line 251 of file skill-obj.cpp.

References skillObj().

00251                                       {
00252         skillObj(p,ix,1);
00253 }

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