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#include <mb-passage-obj.hpp>

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Detailed Description

There exists a benefit that characters can recieve in the form of either a high passage or low passage. This is a derived class that is also a base class for two other objects. This was done for the sake of future expansion as well as for consistancy sake for the implementation of this family of objects.

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Definition at line 40 of file mb-passage-obj.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 mbPassageObj (char *s)
virtual void XMLout (FILE *fout)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mbPassageObj::mbPassageObj ( char *  s  ) 

Class constructor

s pointer to an array of type char representing the object signature
See also:
materialBenefit::materialBenefit(char* s)

We don't set the quantity for this object here because the derived objects will do that for us.

Definition at line 27 of file mb-passage-obj.cpp.

00027                                  :materialBenefit(s){
00033 }

Member Function Documentation

virtual void mbPassageObj::XMLout ( FILE *  fout  )  [inline, virtual]

A mere placeholder that will be overridden by derived classes of this class

Write XML to a file...

fout -- pointer to a file handle/buffer to write XML to

Reimplemented from materialBenefit.

Reimplemented in mbHighPassage, and mbLowPassage.

Definition at line 59 of file mb-passage-obj.hpp.

00059 {};

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