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#include <book2-ship.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Defines a starship as defined in book2 "Starships" of the original boxed set of Traveller books.

Definition at line 48 of file book2-ship.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 book2Ship ()
 book2Ship (int ix)
void addHull (book2ShipHull *h)
void addHull (int ix)
void addHull (double m, double d)
void addDrives (char p, char m, char j)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

book2Ship::book2Ship ( int  ix  ) 

Alternate constructor

ix -- integer index as defined in the SH? macros.
See also:

Definition at line 36 of file book2-ship.cpp.

00036                            : shipObj() {
00037         hull = new book2ShipHull(ix);
00038 }

Member Function Documentation

void book2Ship::addDrives ( char  p,
char  m,
char  j 

Add our drives using the drive model numbers

p -- model number of the power plant
m -- model number of the maneuver drives
j -- model number of the jump drives

Definition at line 53 of file book2-ship.cpp.

References book2ShipHull::getDriveCompartment(), book2ShipHull::getMainCompartment(), book2ShipHull::setDriveCompartment(), book2ShipHull::setMainCompartment(), and book2DriveCompartment::totalMass().

00053                                               {
00054         drives = new book2DriveCompartment (p,m,j);
00055         double totalDriveMass = drives->totalMass();
00057         if (hull->getDriveCompartment() < totalDriveMass ){
00058                 double diff = totalDriveMass - hull->getDriveCompartment();
00059                 double newDriveCompartment = hull->getDriveCompartment() + diff;
00060                 double newMainCompartment = hull->getMainCompartment() - diff;
00062                 hull->setMainCompartment(newMainCompartment);
00063                 hull->setDriveCompartment(newDriveCompartment);
00064         }
00066 }

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void book2Ship::addHull ( double  m,
double  d 

Add a hull, take 3 using a custom hull. Parameters for main compartment and drive compartment must be in increments of even 100's or the main comartment size will be adjusted accordingly. A total hull size of more than 5000 is not allowed either and adjustments will be made.

m double value for the main compartment size
d double value for the drive compartment size

Definition at line 49 of file book2-ship.cpp.

00049                                          {
00050         hull = new book2ShipHull(m,d);
00051 }

void book2Ship::addHull ( int  ix  ) 

Add a hull, take 2

ix integer index into standard hull types

Definition at line 45 of file book2-ship.cpp.

00045                               {
00046         hull = new book2ShipHull(ix);
00047 }

void book2Ship::addHull ( book2ShipHull h  ) 

Add a hull, take 1

h pointer to object of type book2ShipHull that is the hull for this ship

Definition at line 41 of file book2-ship.cpp.

Referenced by mbb2FreeTrader::mbb2FreeTrader(), mbb2Scout::mbb2Scout(), mbb2Seeker::mbb2Seeker(), and mbb2Yacht::mbb2Yacht().

00041                                        {
00042         hull = h;
00043 }

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