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#include <mb-t-a-s.hpp>

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Detailed Description

The Traveller's Aid Society membership is another mustering out benefit. You can only have one of those so additional additions of this benefit are of no use. For that reason we overload the merge method from the base class as a NOOP function.

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Definition at line 38 of file mb-t-a-s.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 mbTAS ()
void merge (mbTAS *p)
void XMLout (FILE *fout)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mbTAS::mbTAS (  ) 

Class constructor

See also:
materialBenefit::materialBenefit(char *s)

Definition at line 27 of file mb-t-a-s.cpp.

00027              : materialBenefit(MB_TAS){
00028 }

Member Function Documentation

void mbTAS::merge ( mbTAS p  ) 

Overload of the merge method from the base class as a NOOP

p pointer to mbTAS object, but who cares?

Definition at line 30 of file mb-t-a-s.cpp.

00030                          {
00031 }

void mbTAS::XMLout ( FILE *  fout  )  [virtual]

Send well formed (I hope!) XML to a file.

fout pointer to a file buffer/handle to write XML to.

Reimplemented from materialBenefit.

Definition at line 33 of file mb-t-a-s.cpp.

00033                             {
00034         fprintf(fout,"\t\t%s\n",createStartElement(MB_TAG));
00035         fprintf(fout,"\t\t\t%s%s%s\n",
00036                         createStartElement(MB_TYPE),
00037                         MB_TAS,
00038                         createEndElement(MB_TYPE));
00040         fprintf(fout,"\t\t%s\n",createEndElement(MB_TAG));
00042 }

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