Todo List

Class book1Person
implement draft

Member book1Person::toStdOut ()
consider moving this to the base class.

Member gasGiant::gasGiant ()
Implement me!

Class materialBenefit
add XML and flat text conversion methods.

Class mbShip
possibly convert this class to have the specs for the ship included

Member moon::moon ()
Implement me... really...

Member personObj::listOfSkills ()
consider moving this to the base class.

Member personObj::setRank (int r)
check to see if commissioned or not and disable if not commissioned.

Member planetoidBelt::planetoidBelt ()
Implement me!

Class skillEntry
centralize all skill types as a set of classes and a sparse array

using a class based skill implementation, implement cascading skills properly.

Class sparseVectorNode
move all inlines into the implementaiton code

Class star
split star into three classes, star, primaryStar, and companionStar

Member star::getGasGiants ()
remove inlining.

Member star::getHabitableorbit ()
remove inlining.

Member star::getMaxOrbits ()
remove inlining

Member star::getMinOrbitNumber ()
remove inlining

Member star::getPlanetoid ()
remove inlining

Member star::getSize ()
move getSize() into the implentation source file instead of inlining.

Member star::getSpectralClass ()
remove inlining.

Member star::getType ()
remove inlining of getType()

Member star::setGasGiants (int g)
remove inlining.

Member star::setHabitableOrbit (int h)
revisit the entire idea of a habitable orbit "zone" rather than sticking with one possible orbit.

remove inlining

Member star::setMaxOrbits (int m)
remove inlining

Member star::setMinOrbitNumber (int m)
remove inlining

Member star::setPlanetoid (int p)
remove inlining

Member star::setSpectralClass (int c)
remove the inlining of setSpectralClass

add support of spectral classifications of other than 0 and 5

change the spectral classifications from integer values to decimal values

remove inlining.

Member star::setType (int t)
remove inlining for setType()

Member subordinatePlanet::subordinatePlanet ()
implement me.

Class XMLFileObject
shit or get off the pot with this one. A decision needs to be made if this is actually going to get implemented.

Member XMLFileObject::XMLFileObject ()
actually implement this damn thing.

Member XMLFileObject::PersistToXMLFile (char *fname)
actually implement this too!

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