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#include <mb-blade.hpp>

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Detailed Description

One of the possible benefits from some character types is a "blade" which is defined here. If there are multiple awards of a blade then a quantity counter will be incremented when it is added to the list.

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Definition at line 37 of file mb-blade.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 mbBlade ()
void XMLout (FILE *fout)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mbBlade::mbBlade (  ) 

Generic constructor.

See also:
materialBenefit::materialBenefit(char *s)

Definition at line 28 of file mb-blade.cpp.

References materialBenefit::setQuantity().

00028                  : materialBenefit(MB_BLADE){
00029         this->setQuantity(1);
00030 }

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Member Function Documentation

void mbBlade::XMLout ( FILE *  fout  )  [virtual]

send well formed XML to a file representing this object.

fout -- pointer to a file buffer/handle to write XML to

Reimplemented from materialBenefit.

Definition at line 33 of file mb-blade.cpp.

00033                               {
00034         fprintf(fout,"\t\t%s\n",createStartElement(MB_TAG));
00035         fprintf(fout,"\t\t\t%s%s%s\n",
00036                         createStartElement(MB_TYPE),MB_BLADE,
00037                         createEndElement(MB_TYPE));
00038         fprintf(fout,"\t\t\t%s%d%s\n",
00039                         createStartElement(MB_QUANTITY),
00040                         this->getQuantity(),
00041                         createEndElement(MB_QUANTITY));
00042         fprintf(fout,"\t\t%s\n",createEndElement(MB_TAG));
00044 }

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