Over the years I have written many "throwaway" programs to generate campaign information for science fiction based FRP games such as Traveller®, MegaTraveller® and others. I decided one fine day, even thought I haven't played any of these in years, to meld all of those into one cohesive framework. Being an Open Source advocate I decided all of this would be done under the conditions of the GPL license so others could make use of it as they see fit.

Project Goals

  • Produce a set of libraries that can be used as a platform for generating other programs to generate Fantasy Role Playing Game universes.
  • Produce a series of tools to handle science fiction based role playing game universes.

See the goals page for furher details.


A shared libarary with the various modules is being created and things will be bolted on to that.


The link for downloading files from this projects is here.

This is very much a work in progress at this point and it is to be considered exteremely alpha at this point. Things may compile and some things might blow up so beware.

Questions? Comments?

All questions or comments can be directed to The Head Honcho of the Project. If you'd like to join the project, drop me a line and I'll add you as a developer.